Fiction Editing-英語のみ

I can offer a range of editing services ranging from simple codyediting for grammar and spelling, to developmental editing for story flow, continuity, and dialog. I am particularly familiar with Speculative Fiction, Horror, Historical Fiction, Mystery and Thrillers, but any genre is accepted.

Developmental Editing $30/pg
Copyediting -      
  Heavy   $10/pg
  Light   $5/pg
1 page = about 250 words

For inquiries, please contact me at words[at]

Here's what previous clients have said:

A few hours ago I finally received his feedback and it was quite interesting to look at. He added missing words, removed superfluous ones and told me when another word would have been more fitting. He also highlighted a few sections where the tone of the narration didn't fit into the overall picture.
Overall I'm very satisfied with the results and would recommend Jim Rion to anyone. He did make a couple of mistakes but they were negligible as I still knew what he was getting at. Even an editor is allowed ot make a few mistakes here and there. (Full Text Here)